Contraceptives, Concern, and (Affordable) Care: An Infographic

November 11, 2016

There’s been much circulation about life under a Trump presidency, following his unpredictable victory last Tuesday. One piece of knowledge I kept hearing from women around me was to get an IUD. Immediately. Before Trump/Pence and a Republican Congress could overturn aspects of the Affordable Care Act, before access to reproductive healthcare could become blocked. So, amid the advice to get a form of birth control that would outlast a presidential term, I decided to take a look at the state of contraception in the United States now.



One thought on “Contraceptives, Concern, and (Affordable) Care: An Infographic

  1. I like the look of your infographic, and I think you chose a subject that’s excellent to illustrate with a graphic, but I find some of the information a bit difficult to understand. The text in the Effectiveness, time and cost section could be clearer and more consistent. Perfect use has incomplete parentheses, which leads to a bit of confusion. The legend for that graphic is a bit cluttered with things like the $ signs taking a minute to figure out. It’s unclear what the numbers in the Y Axis of the Post Election Concern section refer to, etc. The potential barriers text needs some spacing between each bullet points text or the bulleted text sticking to one line.


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