Video Profile: Raphael Salgado

October 29th, 2016

We came to Cal-Wood the normal way: navigating the switchbacks through Jamestown, before lurching up the final gravelly twists that open into an unreal Coloradan expanse. Raphael Salgado, director, took a different path, starting with a choice nearly 25 years ago.

Collaborative project with Rossana Longo.


One thought on “Video Profile: Raphael Salgado

  1. You’ve got a great subject and did a nice job on the b-roll and beauty shots. The story isn’t completely clear to me, but it seems like he could have had a professorship with benefits in Mexico or worked in Colorado at Cal-Wood as an intern. That choice is dramatic and his decision is funny, but it could have been clearer and highlighted a bit more. As I’m sure you know, the out of focus interview shots are difficult to watch. The audio quality is good throughout the interview, although some natural sound to go with the b-roll (the sound of his footsteps, the cat, the car traveling the road) would have given the viewer more of a sense that they were there.


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