“69, The Best F*cking Amendment on the ballot” Rally

Students and community members took to University of Colorado’s Farrand Field last windy Monday, for a rally to pass Amendment 69, Colorado’s much-debated universal healthcare plan. Well, some people were there for healthcare. More were drawn to see Senator Bernie Sanders in person. Others were there to promote their own political agendas (looking at you, Green Party), though all rallied around the cries of Colorado’s role to lead the nation in universal healthcare.



One thought on ““69, The Best F*cking Amendment on the ballot” Rally

  1. You need to trim the end of this properly to get rid of the tail of audio and blank video. You actually did better on this than you think. You got that one shot of Bernie, which is really almost enough. One shot of him at the mic would have been enough. You’ve got a decent variety of shots. The detail of the hat isn’t composed quite right, but I’m glad to see you shoot a number of details. You’ve got a panning shot of the backs of a bunch of heads and I would have rather you turned around and got the faces of the people staring up at Bernie with their rapt expressions and tears in their eyes.


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